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Spiritual Life Coaching Certification

LIFE Seminars & Workshops October 2020

Creating Conscious Relationships

Open To The Public

Early Registrants SAVE $200

During any LIFE event, you will experience empowering transformational exercises proven to work for over 25 years to help souls like you make life-altering changes in your beliefs, relationships and habits that will quickly improve the quality of your life. May’s LIFE Seminar topic is on Conscious Relationships.

The Conscious Relationships LIFE Seminar will teach you new skills
to help you create the emotional intimacy needed for you
to feel safe, heard and emotionally fulfilled in all your relationships
During this Seminar, you will experience a miraculous transformation
of your mindset that will make your relationships
feel like the closest thing to heaven on Earth!

LIFE is Holistic Learning Center’s public training division. LIFE is an acronym for Love, Integrity Freedom and Esteem. The core of HLC’s mission is to embrace all Spiritual paths by valuing openness, honesty, diversity, unconditional love and acceptance.

Every stimulating element of a LIFE seminar will increase your intuitive awareness about your Inner Self that will give you the life mastery skills needed to achieve your personal and career goals.

“During a LIFE seminar, you won’t experience old-world
lectures used at most other seminars. LIFE is an experiential
“DO” so you can BE the-best-you-can-be- experience.”
-Master Coach Hu, Founder of HLC

This Seminar Is for You If:

  • you want to ignite your inner motivation to go from “Maybe one day I will” to “I DID IT!
  • you desire a transformational upgrade of your relationships and overall well-being
  • you want to learn an important self-help SECRET—why affirmations alone, DON’T WORK

LIFE Will Help You Elevate Every Aspect Of Your Life,
Whether You Are New To The Spiritual Path Or An Experienced Holistic Practitioner Who Wants To
Expand Your Repertoire Of Professional Skills and Services

Learn More About– The Life Seminar Experience

LIFE’s energizing exercises are facilitated by empathic instructors in a safe, loving environment, which, throughout the course of the weekend, will help you create deep, long-lasting emotional bonds with other loving souls. 

Imagine Being in an Atmosphere Where You…

  • notice your worry and hesitancy dissolve because you’ve entered a safe space of like-minded, spiritually conscious souls
  • experience interactive exercises that spark immediate paradigm shifts deep within your intuitive heart, which has the power to change your life forever
  • experience numerous “ah-hah” transformational moments that are self-empowering beyond words

Early Registrants SAVE $200

“No matter where you are in your life,
new on your journey or advanced, LIFE is for you!”
-Debra Grillo, Service Education Coach

For Practitioners

Many holistic practitioners and HLC graduates attend the seminar for their own self-improvement and to improve and expand their private practice. That’s because it’s a great place to bring current and potential clients, family, and friends. During the weekend, your guests will develop a deeper bond with you as they take greater steps on their inner journey to ONE-ness and positive change.

Five Different Types of LIFE Seminars

Holistic Learning Center offers five different types of LIFE Seminars. Each Seminar focuses on a different topic and dives into the most important life skills necessary to live a successful, Self-empowered LIFE. The five LIFE Seminar topics are: Relationship Mastery, Money Mastery, Parenting Mastery, Weight Mastery and Self-Parenting Mastery.   HLC’s upcoming May 2020 LIFE Seminar will focus on Conscious Relationship Mastery. 

 “When you wake up the morning following the LIFE seminar,
you will feel exhilarated because you know with absolute confidence how to change your habits to create inner peace and long-term prosperity.”

-Sabrina Rose, Executive Director

Seminar Booking Information:

  • LIFE Seminar Topic: Conscious Relationship Mastery
  •  Date: October 9th-11th, 2020
  • Check In: Friday, October 9th at 4:00pm Eastern. Seminar Concludes Sunday, October 1:00pm Eastern.

LIFE Seminar Ticket Includes:

*Four Meals and Tax and Gratuity are INCLUDED
*Relationship Mastery Workbook [provided at check-in]
*LIFE Seminar folder with handouts and worksheets [provided at check-in]
*Banquet dinner on Saturday evening exclusively for LIFE attendees
****Hotel Room Reservations are NOT INCLUDED, Book Your Room Here

LIFE Seminar Guarantee
If an Attendee Completes an HLC Conducted
LIFE Seminar and They Are Not 100% Satisfied HLC Will
Refund Their Seminar Tuition With No Questions Asked!