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LIFE Trainers Licensing
Course 4-Day Workshop

Open To The Public
October 2020

LIFE Trainers Licensing Course is a 4-day workshop-style course, designed to jump-start your success by teaching you cutting edge leadership techniques to conduct your own Seminars, Workshops and Book Study Groups. Implementing these skills will quickly increase your income and expand your Holistic Practice.

Early Registrants SAVE $200

LIFE Seminars & Workshops are Holistic Learning Center’s Public Training Division. LIFE Stands For Love Integrity Freedom and Esteem. This Licensing Workshop is part of the LIFE weekend and continues directly after the LIFE Seminar.

-Do You Have Your Healing Modality?

-Are You Committed and Ready To
Jump Start Your New Career?

Do You Feel Overwhelmed By
Your Lack Of Knowledge
On How To Build Your Practice?

 “This workshop will teach you how to scale
your current practice, leverage your time and
promptly increase your income potential.”
-Sabrina Rose, Executive Director

Through a combination of hands-on exercises and lectures, you will develop your public speaking, leadership and marketing skills. Your main source of education will come from the LIFE Licensing Trainer’s Manual which contains everything you need to be a successful Workshop Leader.

By the end of this course, you will be Licensed by Holistic Learning Centers, Inc. [HLC] to conduct your own LIFE Workshops, Seminars and Book Study Groups.

The LIFE Licensing materials include 5 workbooks to use with attendees on the MOST HIGHLY REQUESTED subjects:

  1. Relationship Mastery
  2. Money Mastery
  3. Weight Mastery
  4. Parenting Mastery
  5. Self-Parenting Mastery [self-esteem, self-image]

These workbooks contain the exact exercises and lesson plans to use with your attendees which cuts your development time by at least 60%… so all you have to do is start! This Licensing Course also comes with an Instructor’s Training manual that covers tips and tricks to grow your practice on a shoestring budget along with how to conduct any size Workshop whether it’s a small Book Study group or a large Seminar.
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Early Registrants Save $200

Don’t Have Any Public Speaking Experience?

No one is born a great public speaker, which is why this Workshop is designed to develop and sharpen your public speaking abilities with entertaining exercises. Learning how to conduct your own LIFE Workshops will accelerate your private practice faster than you ever thought possible because your exposure of who you are will spread quicker in a group setting vs a one-on-one setting. People will not only want to attend your Workshops but will also want to hire you for other services.

This TRUE STORY Is PROOF, That No Matter What Your Skill Level Is,
You Can Become a Professional LIFE Seminar Workshop Leader

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Did You Know It Only Takes a Few People
To Create The Group Dynamics Needed
For a Successful Workshop?

You only need a few people to create the group dynamics for HLC’s experiential exercises to work effectively and give attendees a life-altering experience. Therefore, especially if you are new, you can start with a small Book Study Group and gradually work into Seminars of 25-50+ people.

By adding the LIFE License to your private practice, you can make public speaking a fun and prosperous marketing method while increasing your income. Workshops also add a new revenue source to your practice while simultaneously bringing further exposure to your additional services.

For example, 12 souls register for a Conscious Relationship Book Study Group, where you meet once a week for 4-6 weeks using your Relationship Mastery LIFE Seminar Workbook as your study guide. Your attendees will be so impressed by what they learn and, more importantly, what they feel through the experiential exercises, that they seek additional services from you. This is where you offer Group Coaching Sessions [or whatever holistic modality you have] at a significant savings if they enroll before your Book Study Group concludes. This is a great incentive for people who are eager to hire you for additional services…  such as Group Coaching.

A significant reason your attendees will be motivated to register for Group Coaching is because they have emotionally bonded doing the experiential exercises and now feel comfortable interacting within a group setting. If you charge $50 per Group Coaching Session for a 15-session program, you will earn $4,500 per person. Now, you have not only added another revenue source to your practice, you are doing the work you love.

If you enjoy teaching and training, then facilitating Workshops using HLC’s LIFE Seminar experiential exercises will be the easiest marketing action that you could ever imagine. This is a wonderful opportunity to increase your income by creating continual exposure to new and repeat clients who register not only for your Workshops, but your additional services as well. Click here for additional information on the income potential using LIFE Seminars to help build your Holistic Practice

Workshop Booking Information:

  •  Date: October 9th- 15th, 2020. This Workshop begins with the LIFE Seminar [October 9th – 11th, 2020] and continues with the Licensing portion October 12th- 15th, 2020.
  • Check-In: Starts at the LIFE Seminar which begins Friday, October 9th at 4:00pm Eastern. LIFE Licensing Workshop section will begin Monday, October 12th and concludes Thursday, October 15th 1:00pm Eastern.

LIFE Licensing Workshop Ticket Includes:

*Sixteen Meals and Tax and Gratuity are INCLUDED
*Relationship Mastery Workbook & Licensing Trainer’s Manual [provided at check-in]
*LIFE Seminar folder with handouts and worksheets [provided at check-in]
*Money Mastery Workbook
*Parenting Mastery Workbook
*Weight Mastery Workbook
*Self-Parenting Mastery Workbook
*2 Year License To Conduct HLC Workshops
*Banquet dinner on Saturday evening exclusively for LIFE attendees
****Hotel Room Reservations are NOT INCLUDED, Book Your Room Here